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15th International Chinh India Kids Film Festival

A jury of kids chose the Chinese feature film The Bamboo Hat by Sisi Li and Xiaoxin Zeng as a favourite

Set in Guangxi China, “The Bamboo Hat” is a tender heartwarming story about a grandma-grandson bond that has to withstand the ravages of time, fate and truths. Through his grandmother's boundless patience and devotion, seven-year-old Huolong learns to embrace empathy, humility and the importance of family. The movie puts a spotlight on the left-behind children who live with other family members in the countryside of China.

Graduated from University of London, apprenticed to BBC producer Jonathan Powell and Ceci Dempsey who produced “The Favorite” and “The Lobster”. Received BA in directing and MFA in Film and Television Producing.

Worked as producer/ writer&director/ reporter at “World Film Report” which is first global movie industry television program in mainland China. Li went to more than 20 countries to shoot, including Academy Award, the “Big Three”, Toronto International Film Festival, etc. Li produced more than thousands of minutes of program independently. Li worked as producer at Fox Entertainment Group, Walter Disney, National Geography, Ruyi Films. And Li co-produced movies and cooperated with the U.S, Canada, Russia, Japan, and Korea. Li also participated “Animal World” 2018, “Journey To The West” 2016, “The Grandmaster” 2013, “Bait 3D” 2012, TV series “Da Jia Feng Shang” (“The Grand Wedding”), TV Series “Fei Ge Da Ying Xiong” (Feige The Super Hero) 2013, “Chinese Traditional Magic” 2012. And produced/ directed short film “Low Wall”, and nominated for the best director at Cambridge Film Festival. Li directed her first feature “The Bamboo Hat” in 2020. Currently working as a production producer for National Geographic.

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