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A film to introspect - Another Luna

Luna is 8 years old and just moved to Philadelphia with her young and ambitious single Mother. In the home of James, a potential piano teacher, Luna finds a doll she is captivated by. James explains that the doll's name is Moira and it used to belong to his daughter, and decides to give Luna the doll. With Luna's Mom being focused on her work, Luna finds a replacement for attention in Moira, and starts growing closer and closer to it, as her Mom starts noticing weird things happening and grows more and more skeptical of the doll. Eventually, Luna’s Mom confronts her about Moira, and in that, the two are forced to examine their own situation.

Xabier Saavedra was born in Mexico City to a family of architects. He played competitive tennis when he was young, which allowed him to attend Drexel University in Philadelphia, PA, on an athletic scholarship. While in school, he produced several experimental films as well as documentary shorts, and made the jump to live-action films following their success.

Another Luna is his second fiction short film but the first to have an actual budget of more than a large pizza and a six-pack of beers. His short documentaries "Love's Not Enough" and "Art Never Sleeps" (about domestic abuse and artists in Havana, Cuba) have been featured in several student film festivals all over the world. He currently works for Corazón Films in Mexico City, one of the largest independent distribution and production companies in Latin America. He also co-founded, along with Caitlin Cooper, a production company called Cine Vita, which currently has four projects, all documentaries, in post-production.

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