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Cinema is a powerful medium of change

You are my Malala

by Roopak Gogoi

A little girl Nadia find her student in Amina, a school drop out, as she tries to emulate her role model Malala yousafzai. The children plays the game of school, as Amina's landless family suffers in fear due to lack of proof of nationality.

In eastern India neighboring Bangladesh, the porous border leads to massive illegal immigration. Indian Government has Introduced NRC (National Register of Citizen) to identify doubtful citizens.

Amina’s family has no identity papers, as her father Abdul is landless. He worried of rumors about detention camps being built for doubtful citizens. He is desperate to get NRC papers.

Amina attains puberty.

Abdul seizes the opportunity of her condition and arranges her marriage with a man, who promised him with the NRC papers.

Roopak Gogoi is a post graduate in Communication studies, from Pune University. He has directed a thriller, titled "Gangs of Northeast" his debut film, which has bagged many awards in regional film festivals in the North East India.

"You are my Malala" is his first venture into meaningful cinema, as he explores the language of cinema and tries show his craft.

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