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Feature Films

Thought-provoking and meaningful cinema crafted through passion. Produced and Directed by National Award Winning Filmmakers Meenakshi Vinay Rai with 45 National and International Awards to their credit for their films, documentaries, short films and animation. The films are available on Amazon Prime, Tubi, Plex, Mass TV, Nuella TV, Millennium TV, and MX Player.

Dedh Gaanth


Four Independent MLAs( Brijmohan Sharma, Bhagwa Prasad, Mohan Tiwari and Shamsher Yadav) have won assembly elections. Circumstances compelled them to run away to save their lives. Sapna, a young girl living alone in a village gives them refuge in her house but with a rider. Behind the sharp, strict, and witty Sapna there is a love story and she is waiting for the right moment to strike. She evaluates all four of them but found Mohan Tiwari the right bait as he got hooked on her charms.

Ek Dushyant
Ka Suicide


The film Dushyant's Suicide is all about a biography of a scene. Reema Nayyar is starting the production of her new film SS ka Surrender about the surrender of a dacoit Sunder. While auditioning actors for the film, a scene where Dushyant was supposed to commit suicide becomes a point of discussion between Reema and her husband Anirudh.



The film traces the life and struggle of a crime reporter who faces sexual harassment at her workplace.



19 years old Dhauli lives with her husband Dhule in a hamlet at the top of a hill far away from the local habitat. They are from Bawariya nomadic tribes who are traditionally hunters and gatherers.


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