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Block The Bully
Peace with Pandemic Times

Peace with Pandemic Times

A film by Ahaana, Amairah, Syed Amaanul, Shivin, Yashaan, Sanaa, Lakshya, Aaradhya #Corona #covidawareness #lockdown #school #schools #tagoreinternationalschool #medialiteracy #chinhindia #chinhfest #meenakshivinayrai #peace #film #education #entertainment SAS Media Literacy @medialitkit @mediaandinformationliterac6427 @Tschools-gh6gm @st.marksgroupofschoolsdelh9703 @tagoreinternationalschoole9647 @PLURALPLUS @UNICEF In these pandemic times, I am very lazy. I have changed a lot. First I used to wake up at 5 O’clock and go to the park with my dad But now I wake up at 12 O’clock and I don’t go to the park. I’ve become so lazy that I can’t tell you. First I was able to wake up at 6.30am But now I wake up at 9.30 am or sometimes even at 11 am. I haven’t met my friends for a long time. Going out to the playground is a ‘No’ for all of us. Before Corona I used to go out to playground to play with my friends. But now my terrace is my playground only. Do you remember when we played in the playground and played football and cricket and that. Yeah! And we shared our lunch too. I can’t eat food from outside. I can’t do anything of my choice. Good morning Mam! Good bye Mam! Oh! I am fed up of these on-line classes. My eyes are paining. I want to go back to my school. For children, screen time has increased. Not only for school work but also the other classes to be done on-line. These are affecting our eyes. When the pandemic wasn’t there I used to play only little bit on Mom’s phone and just call my friends to see if they are free. That was all. But now my online studies, my online classes, my tuitions…. I still talk to my friends on face time and that also for 2 hours. I really miss my school fun and that’s why I chat with friends on video call and play video games with them. I really wish everything goes back to normal. In this pandemic I feel that I am locked in my room. When will I play with my friends? I am really missing them. Oh God! Send corona away fast. I keep one glass for protection of my eyes. I am missing my friends! I really miss my friends. I really don’t like lockdown because I can’t go out to play I can’t ride my bicycle and I even can’t go to my favourite restaurant. But it is important to safeguard ourselves from corona virus and from spreading it to the world. Stay home and stay healthy. Remember! Safety comes first.
Nature's call

Nature's call

Synopsis : A boy is in dire need to use the toilet and what happens before he actually lands up in the toilet is what the film is all about. CHINH MEDIA CAMP PRODUCTION #Filmbykids #Comedy #Humour #Entertainment #ChinhIndia #MeenakshiVinayRai #Chinmaya #MediaLiteracy #PluralPlus #UNAOC #Peacemaker #Cinema How can she do this to me…man? It does happen! Chill! What’s the matter? Girl whom I showed you yesterday…. yeah I loved her yaar! Just yesterday I bought earrings for her. Let it go! It’s not about earrings. I lost my entire month’s pocket money. Oh! Just wait….I would be back…I need to go to toilet. I am so upset here and all he is thinking of is toilet !!! It’s urgent… Get lost! Come here. Yes Mam! Tell me why did you beat him? Mam, I didn’t beat him. I saw him beating. See, She saw you beating him. Mam but… Kneel down. But please… I say Kneel down. You don’t need to worry about these things. I will handle all this. You can go to your class. Your eyes…. make me fall in love with you your smile… keeps me drawing on to you your eyes…. makes me fall in love with you What is this yaar? Know who I am? watch out! Oye! What do you think of yourself? What are you looking at? What are you gazing at? What are you staring at? Mind it! What happened to you? The guy whom I loved…he just left me. Yeah! I understand. Even the girl whom I loved just left me. A film By : Ekta Wadhwa, Dhir Desai, Ridhi Chordia, Anirudh Ravi Jitendra, J.P. Ajaysiv, Madhav Kalliyath, Karan Nair, Rohith.H, Sasha Duarah, Aishwarya. S, Mrithika V.G., Dayata .N, Nilangi.P, Nanda.M, Haritha.P Jinidev T.P, Akshay.S.K, Jai Ajay Dhruv, Siva Subramaniyam B.B , Rithik Krishna, Tharun.M, Jananii Sree .G.T, Tharani .K, Sejal, Yash Kumar, S.Sangeeth Kamal, M.M Arun Araavinth Participating Chinmaya Vidyalayas: Kilpauk,Chennai, Anna Nagar ,Chennai, Chinmaya International Residential School, Kannur, Nagapattinam, Vadavalli, CBSE, Vadavalli,Matriculation, Pushpalata Vidya Mandir, Bokaro, Urchahar Workshop Coordinators Achint Bhatnagar Special Thanks Swamini Vimalananda Ramani Thyagarajan
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@PLURALPLUS @UNICEF @mediaandinformationliterac6427 @meenakshivinayrai2739 @Blippi @BRKsEDU @kidscamp Hi We are teenagers! We are the travelers on the journey called puberty. In this wild and confusing journey, Internet is our life line. While it eases off our quest for knowledge, connectivity with peers, need for entertainment, downloading songs, movies and playing games.... Many a times Internet brings us content that isn't always age appropriate. Wanna go for a date honey? Looking for someone? Feeling lonely? Wanna see Lily? Wanna have some fun? Are you looking for a macho man? At times popups while gaming take us to explicit sites sometimes innocent downloads serve as a gateway to such content. Oh yes.... sometimes friends to encourage us to go to certain links And when there is a word of caution from adults about certain sites.... it enthuses us more to search what is forbidden for us. Have you ever wondered what happens to us when we land up in explicit sites? We face Dilemma whether to continue watching or look for a pause button We Feel awkward We feel Disgusted We feel Embarrassed We feel Overwhelmed At times we feel scared and shocked Though many times we watch it accidently, still it gives us a feeling of fear and shame. We try reaching the option of deleting the history. But the images haunt us and the impact remains. Our perceptions of man woman relationship change. The way we percieve other gender changes. We are at unrest. There is this strong sense of discomfort. There is this sense of anxiety. There is fear of being judged and labeled. We want to share and discuss our experience. This is the moment we miss some sort of guidance and orientation to deal with newly generated emotions. There seems no one except friends who can be trusted. The sense of what is right haunts us. Our sexual emotions get triggered. There is a desire to experiment that could lead us into vulnerable situations.
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