Films by Children

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Chinh International Media Camp
Children Jury from SAARC Member States

1. Aral Ani (10 minutes 16 seconds)
Leah Grace Banares (Philippines)

17 year old boyboy, an "A school boy - Harvest Boy," is one of the many marginalized children in the community who strives to get an education while working. Boyboy's father abandoned them early forcing him to act as the "head of the family" at a tender age. He skips classes frequently because he has to work the fields to earn money for the family's subsistence. Despite the peculiar difficulty of his situation, he nurtures a dream of a better life.

2. Fried Chicken (30 seconds)
Jesamille Nicolas (Philippines)

Children in rural, depressed areas often go to school on an empty stomach. the fried chicken TV PSA depicts the realities of many children in the province who go to school without taking breakfast. In the process, they cannot concentrate on their studies as they are preoccupied in thinking about food to satisfy hunger.

3. Laundry Queen (30 seconds)
Glecy Joy Contado (Philippines)

Many children in rural Philippines are also expected to help at household chores. This TV PSA is a funny illustration of how children fulfill both their responsibilities in school and at home.

4. Run George Run (8 minutes 20 seconds)
Devansh Mathur (India)

5. Red Ink (8 minutes 2 seconds)
Devansh Mathur (India)

6. RadioJojo Animation (10 min)
Michael Schmacke (Germany)

The 56 best films from the Radijojo animation Workshop at FEZitty, the participating children’s city in Berlin!