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Chinh International Media Camp
Children Jury from SAARC Member States

1. Lea  (2 minutes 54 seconds)
Fanny Berthiaume (Canada)

"Lea awakes to the sounds of children playing on a beautiful sunny morning. But as she reaches out of bed and towards the window, a bitter reminder strikes her. Luckily she can still find a friend within the confines of her room..."           

2. Wall Pets (4 minutes 57 seconds)         
Kim Eunice (Korea)

3. Crocs, Pots, and Wildebeests (7 minutes 15 seconds)
Lori Kefalos (USA)

"Crocs, Pots, and Wildebeests” is the story that debuts Alexandra the Great Pretender, a feisty 7 year old who is constantly battling with her mother to avoid homework in any way shape or form. Her weapon of choice for this battle is her vivid imagination which she uses to escape from what she believes is the doldrums of learning. Her partner in crime is a stuffed cat named Artemis who serves as Alexandra's scapegoat for all her anxieties and apprehensions. In Crocs, Pots, and Wildebeests, Alexandra tries to get out of a trip to the library by telling her mom she has just captured a Crocodile from the River Nile. Alexandra's fabrications become more problematical as she tries to wiggle her way out of her mother's resolute to head to the library. In a twist of fate she finds herself needing the use of a library to get her out of a rather risky situation!"

4. Pittanko! (5 minutes)
Motohiro Shirakawa (Japan)

"Kattan and Chicchi are elementary schoolchildren of the school of shapes. One day, they break an important shape of their teacher Mr. Sun. Once it happened, something strange has occurred around them..."       

5. Hikayat Nour - Realisation ( 6 minutes 17 seconds)
Hedia Ben Aicha ()

6. My ideal area (7 minutes)
Claire BELLON – SERRE (France)

If children could change their living space, it would be more like that…
This film is the result of cartoon workshops with children living in an area which has social difficulties and lack of culture.

7. Asian Night (7 minutes)
Claire BELLON – SERRE (France)

At night, the objects of Asiatic arts museum become alive…
This film is a result of cartoon workshops with children living in an area with social difficulties and lack of culture. The group of children from 6- 12 years old, first have visited several time a museum of their town and then created the elements of their film.

8. A little step (18 minutes)
Sunil Kalmady & Pushparaj (India)

It’s a simple story of three friends who help a poor laborer child to join their school. The film has been shot using handheld digital photo camera, using stop motion animation technique.

9. Schafmatt (3 minutes 36 seconds)
Albert Radl (Germany)