FOUR BIRDS and One Million Stories

FOUR BIRDS and One Million stories aims to understand lives of children
and young people in different age groups by empowering them to
Think Critically, Think Creatively, Communicate Effectively and Empathise with others.

Four Birds and One Million Stories Process

Media Camp Productions


Thanks for the overwhelming participation from across the India. Overall 7613 story boards cleared the first round. Chinh Media Club student’s jury short listed 676 story boards. And further 61 story boards were selected as FINALIST.   Enjoy reading FINALIST and SHORT LISTED (Theme based) story boards.

Finalist (Download)
Finalist Storyboards

Short list Storyboards
Birds (46)
CCE (2)
Chinh (2)
Discrimination (14)
Environment (106)
Forgiveness (21)
Friends (112)
Gender (17)
General (143)
Honitus (45)
Humour (3)
Organ Donation (1)
Social Behaviour (20)
Social Issues (36)
Social Media (5)
Teen Issues (42)
Vote (5)


Script a story and get an opportunity to create a professional ad film to be released on children’s day.

What I have to do ?
Watch the one minute reference videos of Four Birds uploaded on this page. Based on the time allocated to each bird in the video, write your dialogues creating your own story.

Download the storyboard

What kind of stories
are acceptable?

Anything which comes to your mind
serious, comedy, action, horror, sci-fi, thriller, emotional, educational, social issues….

Where I have to send the storyboard?

You can opt for
Email Submission

Post Submission
Meenakshi Vinay Rai
SVISG 2nd Street, Shanti Niketan
New Delhi-110021

Online Submission

10th August 2014

Categories for students
9+ (9 – 12 years)
13+ ( 13 – 15 years)
16+ (16 – 17 years)

The best 50 films of the project will compete for awards.











Films category [13+]
Bird Chat
Forever Alone
Reality of India
Who Broke my TV

Films category [10+]
Bird Day
Crafty Friends
School Life
The Friendly Fight
Useless Discussion

DPS, Sushant Lok

This ICT project offers a window to
What constitutes their world?
What are their issues/challenges/confusions?
What is their definition of joy?
What they think?
How are they affected by social and
political environment?
What hurts them?
Who defines gender notions for them?
What do they talk with their friends?
What binds them with peers?
What do they have in common?
How things change with the
change in age-group?
What are the dynamics of their
relationship with adult world?

Four Birds Process Video